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Our Trip To Paris

I asked my then nine year old daughter, “What do you want for your birthday?”

She replied, “Well you asked. You’re not going to like it but here goes. I want to go to Paris for my birthday and eat macaroons next to the eiffel tower.

She had a defiant look on her face waiting for us to tell her no, it’s ridiculous but we said nothing.

A week before her birthday, we sat her down and said, “We’re going to Paris for your birthday so you can have macaroons next to the eiffel tower.”

She absolutely lost it. 

Our job was done, lol. Well almost. We still had to put the trip together.

Going to Paris for a quick trip was only an option because we are already in Europe.

If we were living in the USA, going to Paris for a “quick” trip wouldn’t make sense. Not only the cost, but the flight time.

We did not have the freedom to make a quick run to Paris for the weekend before. But, now we do and we wanted to take advantage of it.

Moments like this was one of the reasons we decided to move to Europe.

Plus, I’ve wanted to go back to Paris for a long time.

Here are some pictures from our trip. I explain finding transportation, and accommodations below the pictures.

Our Hotel Room at the Crowne Plaza Paris-Republique

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The Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Paris Republique

Complimentary wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks.

 P1220554.JPG P1220548.JPG

Place de la République

The square in front of the hotel. Very beautiful


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Notre Dame de Paris


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 On Our Way to the Eiffel Tower At Night


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 Boat Ride on the Seine River in Paris.

It was cold so we mostly stayed inside


P1220638.JPG P1220637.JPG



 Buffet Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Republique Paris




Birthday Day Eiffel Tower and Macaroons


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How To Get to Paris

Planes, Trains or automobiles.

From Barcelona, we have many options to get to Paris. We have the option of driving, taking a train or flying.

Barcelona to Paris Travel Time

Automobile – From Barcelona to Paris – 10 hours

Train – From Barcelona to Paris – 7 hours

Plane – From Barcelona to Paris – 1:30 minutes (total time including wait time at airport 5 hrs)

Flying was our shortest travel time when you include getting to the airport, security, etc.

Airline Options

  • Vueling
  • Ryan Air
  • British Airways
  • easyjet
  • Iberia
  • Transavia
  • Air France 

Flights from Barcelona start around 15 euros each way depending on the travel days etc. This is due to low cost regional European airlines. 

We looked at Ryan Air which is one of the leading low cost airlines traveling from Barcelona. We looked and checked and was about to book, but the airport Ryan Air flies into for “Paris” is about an hour and a half outside of Paris.

So, that would increase our cost and travel time.

We didn’t want that.

When traveling with 2 young kids, travel time is very important. Also paying for extra transportation for 4 people increases the price to the cost similar to other more direct airlines and flights.

After much searching on google flights, momondo, skyscanner, we found a flight on vueling airlines from Barcelona to Paris (ORL) which is only about 25 minutes outside the center or Paris.

We were able to transfer points from American Express to Iberia’s flights point program so we were able to pay for the flight using points.

Check out our resources page for more information on airlines, websites, credit card points and miles and finding the best deals.

Savvy Moms Resources



Once again I turned to the internet. I was apprehensive about the cost of accomodations in Paris. I consulted blogs etc and found affordable hotels that were nice by Paris’s standard. We settled on the Crowne Plaza Paris-Republique Overlooking a major square, and a 1-minute walk from République metro station.

When choosing a hotel I check reviews on tripadvisor, google, and oyster. 4 star in a good location for a good price? Sold.

I had a ton of plans and places to visit, but we ended up seeing a few sites and enjoying our hotel rooms. With kids, as long as they have their tablets and a strong internet connection, they were happy.

I plan to return to Paris because it is an amazingly beautiful city with so much to see and do. Where should we go next when we visit Paris with kids? Leave you suggestions in the comments.


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